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The call on May 24 will be cancelled (week of HL7 WG meeting, and Friday before Memorial Day weekend).


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SDOH Referrals

We continued the discussion of the current state of the SDOH Referral Status Query, which is being developed as a IHE FHIR IG. Looking at the the ServiceRequest and workflow-related Task resources in Gravity, we have to make sure that there are two points to cover:

  • The IHE International profiles need to accommodate various non-US needs, therefore we can't reference Gravity resources directly due to the requirements on US Core and specific US-based value sets. The IHE spec will work with base-standard ServiceRequest and Task, and will have a US-specific part that will reference the Gravity resources and value sets
  • We have to make sure that the Referral Recipient owns the workflow Task, so that the query can be based on it. Gravity explicitly allows for the Task to live on the recipient's FHIR server.

The work on getting the 360X-SD published for trial implementation will start after Memorial Day.

The latest approved change proposals for the base 360X IHE profile are ready to be incorporated, and the process of publishing the 360X IHE profile as final text will develop over the summer.

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