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SDOH Referrals

We reviewed the upcoming tasks on SDOH-related standards. The 360X-SD specification needs to be prepared for publishing for trial implementation. Everyone is invited to give it a look-over at and propose any clarifications, fixing possible typos or any other improvement. At the next SDOH call on June 14 we will review any suggestions.

We continued the discussion of the current state of the SDOH Referral Status Query, which is being developed as a IHE FHIR IG. The development will result in two FHIR IGs

  • The IHE International IG will only describe the required support for searching based on a Task resource, without profiling any resource profiling, or vocabulary binding. This will establish the transaction framework that national or regional implementations can reuse.
  • The IHE US IG will reference the Gravity profiles and value sets, and use the transaction described in the International IG

The latest approved change proposals for the base 360X IHE profile are ready to be incorporated, and we discussed the process of publishing the 360X IHE profile as final text. We determined that it is worth the effort to initiate the uplift of the PCC technical framework to web publishing, and making 360X the fist web-published PCC profile on This process will happen over the summer.

Mark Mollenkopf (Feeding America) mentioned being at a Food as Medicine conference last week that was attended by folks from USDA, Veterans  Health Administration, and HHS. They presented as a panel and were actively seeking questions and ideas that could move SDOH work along. Mark offered on today’s call that if this team had questions and ideas in support of the 360X-SD work, he would help surface those in conversations and work that Feeding America is doing with HHS. Feeding America and HHS announced a public-private partnership in February 2024.

Garry Miller contributed to this thinking that funding and policy support would help overcome some of the implementation barriers. Key point of the early work will be to show providers that improvements via 360XSD can have a measurable impact for patients. If they can get behind it, because they see value, this can help accelerate the adoption/implementation of the new standards.

Matt Bishop commented that easing the process of SNAP/WIC applications with options for API submissions can show a measurable impact on getting help to patients/clients.

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