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Administrative topics

Action items

The 360X-SD IHE profile has been published for public comment at Please review and send comments (including "I approve") using the form at


Signing up for the mailing list can be done at 
There is an archive of all messages sent to the mailing list, including the the meeting requests, at

SDOH Referrals

We discussed the current state of the SDOH Referral Status Query, which is being developed as a IHE FHIR IG. The goal is to have volume 1 completed for the face to face meeting. That, and the comments for the 360X-SD IHE profile will be discussed at the next IHE face-to-face meeting. The tentative time slots for 360X topics are:

  • 360X-HH (Home Health) 11 am - 1 pm Eastern time on Wednesday, May 8,
  • 360X-SD (SDOH comment review + Referral Status Query) 10 am - 11 am  Eastern Time on Thursday, May 9.

The conference call information will be sent to the mailing list as soon as it becomes available.

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