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The call on May 24 will be cancelled (week of HL7 WG meeting, and Friday before Memorial Day weekend).


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IHE Committee meeting

At the face to face meeting this week the IHE PCC committee reviewed the 360X-HH profile (see below), the SDOH-RSQ profile, and the status of the 360X-SD public comment. The IHE ITI committee reviewed the ITI Scheduling FHIR profile.

SDOH Referral Status Query (SDOH-RSQ)

This FHIR-based profile is complementary to the the 360X-SD profile. The review of the current status pointed out that the Gravity Project resource profiles are tightly coupled with US-Core, and the IHE general purpose profile will need to be more generic. One option is to simply define the search parameters for the query, and have a US-specific section that references the Gravity Project resources.

360X-SD Public Comment

There are no current issues submitted, and with the impending end of the comment period, the work on publishing the profile for trial implementation will commence after Memorial Day.

Home Health referrals

The 360X-HH Profile was reviewed at the IHE meeting. The current suggestion is to have the capability for "Deferred referral" designated as a named option. This will allow implementations to be clear that they support this particular transaction. The initial information for some of the 360X-HH - specific transactions will be available for review at the next Home Health call on June 7.

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