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Duplicate data elements in QRDA I with different ID's for CY2024 Reporting


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      Hi Team,

      In measures CMS 816v3 and CMS 871v3 for CY 2024 reporting, we have conditions as below with respect to the id attribute for the Laboratory Test, Performed and Encounter, Performed elements respectively.



      From the infromation provided in the below jira's, we have the following questions.

      1. QRDA-729

         This Jira mentions "If everything else is the same between two template instances, then yes, CMS will consider it a duplicate and only one instance is used for measure calculation."

      2. QRDA-1099  

         This Jira mentions "If the two instances are exactly the same, please provide only one instance to avoid sending duplicate data."


      Our question here is that suppose for either of the Laboratory Test or Encounter data, if duplicate entries are present in QRDA I file with different ID's, how would the measure now behave because of the introduction of the id attribute check? Will CMS consider the elements as duplicates if they have all underlying values (code, start and end dates, attributes etc) the same? 




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