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Update on outstanding work on existing specifications

  • AUT HL7 segment information was recorded (thanks Chuck!)
  • 360XL has been submitted to IHE for public comment

Update on the discussions with the Ohio Health Information Partnership (OHIP)

  • They are very excited about 360X becoming available form vendors
  • They have a very strong statewide foodbank network (Ohio Association of Foodbanks)
  • They want to see how using 360X can help with social care referrals
  • Challenges:
    • Clinical information is not meant to be sent with the request
    • Support for 360X for initiating clinical referrals does not easily transfer to extra-clinical referrals (different users, different workflows)
    • If we add social care referrals to 360X, it will likely be years before implementations are available to users, and OHIP is looking for quick turnaround.
  • We will continue discussions next time
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