ONC Tech forum - 360X will have a booth in the "virtual exhibition hall". We may be able to have a live booth presence, there were several  volunteers to be present during the the event. We will discuss setup and other details on 7/17 call.

Discussion on the top next proposed project for 360X - transfers from LTAC facilities to Acute care facilities

  • Main points for SNF to acute transfer:
    • initial transfer is most commonly to the ED - referral for consultation
    • ED transfers have very specific, targeted information requirements from the SNF
    • In many cases patient is then transferred back to SNF - loop is closed 
    • In other cases patient is moved form ED to Hospital admission
    • Hospital admissions have different information requirements to be obtained from the SNF, mainly to inform inpatient nursing staff how the patient needs to be managed
    • Discharge from hospital admission can be to same SNF or to a different one
  • Steps to consider
    1. Referral to ED
      1. Is this a request that can be denied, or is it more like a notification to the ED (expect this patient)?
      2. Need to describe the data needed from SNF to ED
    2. Discharge from ED back to SNF
      1. Notification, with a summary of what happened in the ED - close the loop outcome
    3. Transfer to Hospital admission
      1. Notification from ED/Hospital to SNF
      2. Response from SNF to Hospital with additional information
      3. Can we keep the referral ID? Should we call it something else?
    4. Determination whether the patient will be discharged to the same SNF
      1. Can be due to timing - whether the patient bed can stay on hold for time necessary to be at the hospital - possibly a notification from SNF to hospital
      2. Patient may decide to look for a different facility - notification form hospital to SNF
    5. Patient Discharge - close the loop
      1. to same SNF - folow steps from 360XL for an already selected facility
      2. to a different SNF - use the full 360XL process - request, select, transfer 

We will continue discussions during the 7/24 call.

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