SME Session 6: Methodology for Supporting Multiple Production Versions of FHIR 

This SME Panel Session will focus on the proposed solution to address barriers related to Versioning, developed by the FAST Directory, Versions and Scale Tiger Team. The group of SMEs invited to participate in this session will be asked to evaluate the team's proposed solution, "Methodology for Supporting Multiple Production Versions of FHIR",  and provide expert insight, feedback, and guidance.

The proposed solution aims to address issues related to the existence of multiple versions of FHIR in production (e.g., DSTU2, STU3, R4) with breaking changes between them. Until FHIR becomes “normative” (i.e., content is stable between versions), the industry will need a way to manage different representations of the same information in different FHIR versions.  The FAST team has proposed a solution for how to handle version control more effectively in various scenarios, potential tooling to reconcile different versions, and recommendations for what organizations can do to mitigate these issues. 


NameOrganization Participation Role 
Patrick MurtaHumanaMeeting Facilitator, ONC FAST Chief Architect 
Paul OatesCignaMeeting Facilitator, ONC FAST Chief Architect 
Alex  KonturHHS | ONC Meeting Facilitator, ONC FAST Lead 
Alix GossImpradoMeeting Facilitator, ONC FAST Tiger Team Lead 
Bob Dieterle Enablecare Meeting Facilitator, ONC FAST Tiger Team Lead 
Grahame Grieve*HL7Subject Matter Expert
Lloyd McKenzieGevity, HL7Subject Matter Expert
Josh MandelMicrosoftSubject Matter Expert
James AgnewSmile CDRSubject Matter Expert
Ewout KramerFirelySubject Matter Expert
Mark KramerMITRESubject Matter Expert
Heather KennedyBCBSTSubject Matter Expert
Tony BensonBCBS ALSubject Matter Expert
Hans BuitendijkCernerSubject Matter Expert
Isaac VetterEpicSubject Matter Expert
Brett MarquardWaveOne Associates, HL7 US RealmSubject Matter Expert
Jamie FergusonKaiser PermanenteSubject Matter Expert
John KellyEdifecsSubject Matter Expert
Maxim AbramskyEdifecsSubject Matter Expert
Sarah Andres*AvailitySubject Matter Expert
Arien MalecChange HealthcareSubject Matter Expert
Ricky Bloomfield*AppleSubject Matter Expert
Jim DanielAWSSubject Matter Expert
Nick GeorgeGoogleSubject Matter Expert
John MoehrkeIHESubject Matter Expert
Jason VogtCommonWellSubject Matter Expert
Alan SwensonCarequalitySubject Matter Expert
Nick RadovUnitedSubject Matter Expert

Maidul Mohammad Islam

OptumSubject Matter Expert

*All SME participants with an asterisk by their name are invited, pending confirmation. 

Relevant Pre-meeting Reading Material 

SME Session Details

SMEs Panel Session - An industry discussion around the FAST proposed Methodology for Supporting Multiple Production Versions of FHIR  (2 hours) (closed session, by invite only)

  • Date/time:   3-5PM ET
  • Scope and goals: The goal of this session is to elicit SMEs expert insight into proposed solution(s), specifically:
    • Feasibility and effectiveness
    • Potential gaps
    • Unintended consequences
    • Alternate approaches to consider
    • Industry path forward (standard, regulation or policy)
  • Agenda
    • Welcome
    • Session Goals
    • Solution Review and Discussion
    • Industry Path Forward
    • Action Items
  • Meeting Materials: FAST_SME Session_Versioning_FINAL_111521.pdf

Learn More About FAST

FAST’s goal is to analyze and identify HL7® Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) scalability gaps and offer possible solutions that will address current barriers and will accelerate FHIR adoption at scale. 

To learn more, you can review the FAST Action Plan for a snapshot of the progress made by FAST so far.

Next Steps following SME Sessions

    • FAST Report-Out to summarize session discussion, decisions, and next steps
    • FAST Action Plan updates to define proposed solution path (standard, regulation and/or process)

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