This Tiger Team will work on creating use cases that will assist the rest of the tiger teams in directing their efforts and driving their solutions.

Tiger Team Deliverables

Create 5-10 summary use cases that take into consideration the following:

  • Identity Use Case – Create use cases that will describe the common situations in which a person‘s identity may need to be cross-walked.  Use cases should include situations that drive assessment of both member identification and provider identification. For example, a physician may need to access a payer FHIR resource using their medical record number, however, receives a “not found” because the data in the payer FHIR server is indexed by insured ID.

  • Authentication/Authorization - Create use cases that will describe the common situations in which authentication and authorization are needed.   Use cases will need to include scenarios that drive discussion of how we validate the role of the person or organization requesting information and whether they have permission to use that information.  For example, a payer HEDIS analyst may request a quality measure or procedure lookup using a FHIR implementation guide.  How do we ensure that user is from a payer? How do we ensure they are covering that person and have the right to get the answer? 

  • End Point LocationCreate use cases that will describe common situations in how and where to look up FHIR end points for a given organization, physician or patient.  

  • Exchange Metadata – Create use cases that will focus on models and documentation needed for common metadata exchange and process conventions across teams.

  • Scaling – Create use cases that will describe situations in scaling healthcare exchange (FHIR) to the national level.

  • Testing and Certification – Create use cases that will describe situations for testing and certifying requirements for identity, security, endpoint discovery, scaling and exchange process.

Skills and Experience

Members of this Tiger Team should demonstrate experience in: 

  • Understanding business requirements for large scale exchange of clinical and administrative information,

  • Familiarity with FHIR and REST; and

  • Enterprise experience in one or more of the use case focus items

Anticipated Timeline

March 2018 – December 2019

Team Roster




Jackie Hardisonco-leadJhardison@humana.com
Christol Greenco-leadChristol.Green@anthem.com
Chris Johsonco-lead


Drew Torres

Cody Johansenmember


Matt Reidmembermatt.reid@ama-assn.org
Tim McCrimmonmembertimothy_mccrimmon@optum.com
Terry Cunninghammemberterrence.cunningham@ama-assn.org
Thomas Kesslermember


Kevin Larsenmemberkevin.larsen1@cms.hhs.gov
Mark Savagemembermark.savage@ucsf.edu
Ashley Steddingmember


Ranjan Saxenamemberrsaxena@humana.com

Nancy Bevin

Karen Zapatamemberkaren.zapata@anthem.com
Aliyah Quraishimemberaliyah_quraishi@optum.com
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