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Request for Clarification: Type, Value, Time


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      Level of specificity

      The PACIO (Post-Acute Care Interoperability) Project, established February 2019, is a collaborative effort between industry, government, and other stakeholders, with the goal of establishing a framework for the development of FHIR implementation guides to facilitate health information exchange.

      Data Class: Health Status Assessments

      • Request clarification regarding how the 3 data elements (Assessment Type, Assessment Value, Assessment Time) under the Health Status Assessments data class relate to the USCDI v3 data elements (Functional Status, Disability Status, and Mental/Cognitive Status).
      • As noted in issue USCDIQ-6, the USCDI Comment level section does not include assessment type, value, or time despite the draft USCDI+ data element list referencing the USCDI comment level.

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