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Error of CMS_0084 encountered while testing Hybrid Measure


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    • The error "CMS_0084 - QRDA files for hybrid measure/CCDE submissions must contain a HICN or MBI" should be treated as a Warning and not an Error.
    • Cypress v7.0.2
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      Hi Team,

      While testing Hybrid Measure CMS 529 for the 2022 Measure Release against Cypress v7 we were facing the below error.

      As per the 2023 QRDA CAT I IG published in May 2022 and the details as per QRDA-1075, CMS will accept a file, and the HQR receiving system will not give any error message if both MBI and HICN are missing, because CMS_0084 is now removed.

      In CYPRESS-2370, it is mentioned that from Cypress V7, the system will start including validations that are specific to a sole program.

      Since Cypress for 2022 Measure Release is only passing if we provide either MBI or HCIN number and this is contradicting the IG. Should this validation be restricted only to the 2020/2021 Measure Releases so that they do not impact the current versions?


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