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Hybrid Measures Test Files from Cypress (for Certification) do not include required fields HIC# or MBI#


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    • Cypress test files should follow the CMS Hybrid Measures requirements and include either the Medicare HIC # or the Medicare Beneficiary Identifier in the QRDA CAT I xml files exported for certification testing.
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      As per the attached CMS QRDA CAT I Implementation Guide for 2022 Reporting, QRDA CAT I files for Hybrid Measures mst  include either the Medicare HIC # or the Medicare Beneficiary Identifier. If none of them are included CMS will reject the files. 

      When exporting test files from Cypress for Certification Testing for the 2 Hybrid Measures, the exported test files do not include either of these 2 data elements. Based on the above CMS requirement, our system requires that one of the 2 data elements be present otherwise we reject the files.

      In the absence of one of the above 2 required elements, our system will reject the test files and we will not be able to complete certification testing.


      Question -

      1. Why is Cypress not including one of the required elements as defined by CMS in their test files?
      2. If a system passes certification without the above required elements their system will not be compliant with the CMS Hybrid Measures requirements and all files submitted to CMS will be rejected.


      Thanks in advance for your assistance.


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