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Patient for CMS 155 marked as error after upload when it shouldn't be


      In cypress we are receiving an error for CMS 155 after uploading QRDA1 files for the measure that says a patient is not expected to be returned, however we believe that we should not be receiving this error. The patient we are returning in the output is 'B HIV Peds' and according to the view of all the patients they are showing up where they should be. The thing I am wondering about if it is causing this issue is that in the test deck for the measure there are two different patients that have the same name, one of which should not qualify for the measure at all. I have attached screenshots, of the view of the patient and the errors we are receiving in cypress as well as the xml file we are uploading to cypress. Let me know if this also appears to be an error to you or if you need any further information from me.

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