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Multiple patients in "Patient List" with same name causing issues


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      Uploading the "known good result" into Cypress results the error "Patient 'JESSIE MCDONALD' not expected to be returned".

      I have a measure test in Cypress that has the same patient name listed twice in the "View Patients" screen. One of the patients appears in the IPP while the other does not. The patients appear to be two distinct patients with separate qrda files having different patient id's.

      I have created about 15 products in Cypress to ensure we are prepared for certification and this is the first time I have seen this issue.

      The measure under test is CMS347v1.

      The first Jessie Mcdonald is Z10 Eye; the other is Z9 Eye.

      Strangely the patients do not appear next to each other in the list. They are separated by Jessie Moody. Maybe it sorts by first name only? I didn't notice the second one as was a little more confused than expected at first.

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