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Result template in Assessment Performed was present in QRDA CAT 1 STU4 but has been removed from QRDA CAT 1 STU5 causing Export QRDA-1 to fail in Cypress as Cypress still expects "Results" template to be there


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      We were building measures for 2019 Reporting Year using QRDA CAT I STU 5. While testing we found that Export QRDA-1 was failing for CMS149v7, CMS56v7, CMS66v7 as Result template is missing in Assessment Performed in QRDA CAT I STU 5 but Cypress still expects "Results" template to be there.

      I also found an existing QRDA Jira for this: https://oncprojectracking.healthit.gov/support/browse/QRDA-718.

      However the last guidance there in the comment section was " there are some discussions among TJC and CMS happening currently to discuss this further for the 2019 reporting period, including Assessment Performed. We will keep you posted once there is a clear decision/guidance made. Thanks."

      I want to check if there is an updated guidance on it now as we will be going for Cypress testing with our Proctor for 2019 measures in November. If there is no resolution reached yet, can we temporarily add "Result" template in STU5 Assessment performed ? Will that be a recommended solution in short term ?



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