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CMS179v2/ADE_TTR: Require Understanding of valid INR Interval


    • Type: EP eCQM Logic/Intent/Data Elements
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      Kyle Nystrom
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      Vitera Healthcare Solutions
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      Cypress 2.7.0 is being updated to accommodate the additional logic specified (e.g. valid INR intervals) in the SQL addition. The Cypress 2.7.0 test patients will be updated accordingly. The release of Cypress 2.7.0 occurred on July 23, 2015.
    • 2015 Performance Period EP eCQMs :
    • Impact:
      Failing Measure Validation for CMS 179v2


      CMS179v2/ADE_TTR: Require Understanding of valid INR Interval

      In CMS 179, a valid INR Interval is defined as:
      A VALID INR INTERVAL is two INR values separated by 56 days or less. INR values must be obtained in outpatient care settings; INR values while the patient is admitted to a hospital for more than 23 hours should not be included.

      Within the v2.4.0 test desk we are seeing a patient qualify for the IPP and MP without having a valid INR. The patient has 3 INR Lab Results but each is greater the 56 days apart. Can you give guidance on the logic used for determining the valid INR results to use in the TTR calculation? The specification for this measure states in the Guidance section:
      “Please note that the logic expressions in the body section of the HQMF of this measure should not be used to calculate this clinical quality measure. They are only provided to represent the data elements needed for the calculation. In order to calculate this clinical quality measure correctly, only use the narrative specifications contained in the header section of the HQMF and the annotated database query found in the supplemental file named “CMS179v2_Supplemental_SQL_Logic_Reference.pdf”

      Why is the patient whose HTML is attached getting included in the MP for this measure?


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