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Draft CQL Preview of Eligible Professional and Eligible Clinician eCQMs


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      The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) invites electronic clinical quality measure (eCQM) implementers to preview draft measure specifications using the clinical quality language (CQL) standard for logic expression. CQL is a Health Level 7 International standard for trial use and aims to unify the expression of logic for eCQMs and Clinical Decision Support. CQL provides the ability to better express logic defining measure populations to improve the accuracy and clarity of eCQMs. The official timeline for the incorporation of CQL is dependent upon outcomes of further CQL testing. More information about CQL is available on the eCQI Resource Center website.

      The draft CQL eCQM specifications are available now through November 13, 2017, via the following tickets:

      • Eligible hospital and critical access hospital measures (CQM-2858)
      • Eligible professional and eligible clinician measures (CQM-2860)

      Measure implementers may review these draft CQL eCQM specifications to become familiar with the CQL standard for logic expression. Implementers may submit questions or comments regarding the draft CQL specifications via the tickets above.

      Please note the following while reviewing the draft CQL specifications:

      1. These draft CQL eCQM specifications are for informational review only. These draft CQL eCQM specifications are not intended for submission of 2017 or 2018 performance/reporting for CMS programs. Updated eCQM information for 2017 or 2018 performance/reporting is available on the eCQI Resource Center website.

      2. The draft measures packages contain the following files:
      File type (file extension) – File description

      • Human readable HTML (.html) – Provides an HTML rendering of the measure suitable for human consumption
      • Health Quality Measure Format (.xml) – The HQMF provides the machine-processable description of the measure metadata and population structure
      • CQL source (.cql) – Provides the expression logic for the measure population criteria
      • Expression Logic Model (ELM) rendering (.xml) – Provides a machine-processable rendering of the measure population logic
      • CQL libraries (.xml and .cql) – These optional files provide a collection of CQL expressions used across measures

      The draft measures packages contain XML formatted artifacts. To obtain JSON formatted artifacts, use the CQL-to-ELM translator tool. CMS may consider including JSON formatted artifacts in the future.

      3. The HQMF set ID (GUID) in the draft CQL specifications will not necessarily match the GUID used in the current published versions of the measure.

      To learn more about CQL, visit the eCQI Resource Center CQL Educational Resources page. CMS will announce additional education and outreach opportunities regarding CQL later this year.

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