Review of discussion with Ohio HIE (OHIP Online)

  • Initial focusing on 360X clinical referrals, eCW and Netsmart are on board
  • Continue investigating food-related SDoH

Discussions on how we can move forward in this area

  • A lot of interest, and very timely considering COVID-19 impact
  • At the same time, there are a lot of disparate threads involved
    • Social services Initiation can occur in acute and ambulatory settings
      • Acute settings probably don't need any type of follow-up, unless part of larger organizations that provide primary care. 
      • Ambulatory settings, especially in the cases of PCPs who are members of ACOs or patient centered medical home (PCMH) organizations, will likely have care coordinators who need to know if the patient has followed up on the social services referrals
    • Social services, especially those related to food deficiency, often work together with government programs, and some of the followup includes enrollment in such programs. Current paper forms include enrollment information, some even include voter registration. While we cannot affect electronic communications with government programs, we need to describe the interaction points when possible
  • Continue working to analysis, and publish findings on 360X wiki, although it is unlikely that a 360X-based solution can emerge in the short term. A thorough analysis will help guide future efforts.
  • Contact major SDoH vendors and invite them to meetings, including the Gravity project
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