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Table of Contents

HL7 Project Information

Targeted HL7 Ballot Cycle: January May 2022 - STU

Sponsoring HL7 Workgroup: Patient Administration

HL7 Project Page: Interoperable Digital Identity and Patient Matching Capabilities

HL7 Project Artifacts:

Related HL7 FHIR Connectathon Tracks

Project Milestones

Oct 31, 2021Dec 10, 2021Jan 9, 2022Participate in event



Due Date



Supporting Materials

HL7 January 2022 Ballot Cycle

Project Proposal Approval


4/14/21 - Patient Administration Workgroup agreed to sponsor this project request per meeeting minutes

Project Proposal -

Accepted: May 4, 2021

PSS Workgroup Approval

June 11, 2021

Carmen, Julie


Approved: June 9, 2021 

Reviewed with Payer/Provider Information Exchange on Thursday, May 27th - they decided not to be a co-sponsor at this time, but will reach out periodically to request updates

Emailed Public Health and CBCP as an FYI that PSS is available for review on 6/9/21

Project Scope Statement (PSS)

Sponsor:Patient Administration

PA Workgroup 6-9-21 Meeting Minutes

Co-Sponsors: TBD

Interested Parties: Community-Based Care and Privacy (CBCP), Public Health, Payer/Provider Information Exchange

PSS FMG Approval


Approved: June 16, 2021

FMG 6/16/21 meeting minutes
PSS US Realm Steering Committee Approval


Approved: June 22, 2021

US Realm 6/22/21 meeting minutes

PSS TSC Approval DeadlineAug 22, 2021


Approved: June 28, 2021

TSC eVote:

TSC 6/28 Meeting Minutes

Develop project page(s) in Confluence

FAST Confluence page - COMPLETE

HL7 Confluence page - COMPLETE

  • FAST Confluence site for private team admin, project tracking, content sharing
  • HL7 Workgroup Confluence site/ project page for public project information, documentation
Finalize IG development team

Decide when to take working sessions public/ add to HL7 calendarEnd of August
Define IG scope/requirementsEnd of July? (2 working sessions?)

Starting points in cross-org matching scenario in the Identity solution document (Includes $ match inputs, elements on an individual identifier that should be required). Continue to catalog existing efforts in the field relating to digital identity.

Draft $ match operationEnd of Aug? (2 working sessions?)

Articulate the best practice inputs and outputs, including level of verification as applicable, to help cross-org exchange participants establish confidence in use of $match and similar matching workflows. Identify the use cases where different match requirements might be appropriate (patient access, TPO, etc.).
Define best practices, FHIR profiles, etc.End of Sept? (2 working sessions?)

Provide guidance on best practice identity verification procedures and how this information is communicated in an interoperable way. If time: baseline requirements for individual Digital Identity and how it is represented and used in FHIR transactions.
Refine IGEnd of Oct? (3 working sessions?)

Review and discuss draft document, adding points of clarification and addressing preliminary community feedback. Address global use of this IG, its crossover to IHE, ?
FHIR IG Proposal Due to FMG

Oct 31, 2021


Patient Administration Workgroup approved 9/8/21 - 2021-09-08 Conference Call Agenda 

FMG approved 9/8/21 - 2021-09-08 FMG Meeting Minutes

FMG IG proposal template -

Project facilitator needs to meet with FMG to get this reviewed/ approved

FHIR IG Publisher/Validation Issues Reported

Oct 31, 2021

Feb 2720, 2022


IG tooling needs to be up and running (publisher/validation issues reported)

Notice of Intent to Ballot (NIB)

Feb 2720, 2022


Project facilitator needs to work with HL7 workgroup to have them complete and submit the NIB prior to deadline

Notice of Intent to Ballot

Ballot Signup Starts

Nov 8, 2021

March 7March  1, 2022


Get on Workgroup Agenda to Review IG

Week of Nov 15, 2021Week of March 7th, 2022

Co-sponsor review?
QA Period Starts

Nov 23, 2021

March 2215, 2022

IG content needs to be ‘frozen’ by the time of this review by HL7 workgroup; after review, only non-substantive changes can be made (e.g., edits to address workgroup concerns, typos, formatting, etc.)

QA Period Ends

Dec 2, 2021

March 3124, 2022

Submit Publication Readiness Checklist

Dec 3, 2021

April 3March 27, 2022

Final IG Content

Dec 5, 2021

April 3, March 27, 2022

IG is complete

Ballot Readiness Signoff

Dec 7-8, 2021

April 5, March 29, 2022

Ballot Signup Ends

Dec 8, 2021

April 6March 31, 2022


Ballot Voting Starts

April 81, 2022


Ballot Voting Ends

May 81, 2022


Jan 2022 Connectathon

Jan 2022 Connectathon proposals dueNov 16, 2021Track orientation session

Connectathon History



Due Date



Supporting Materials

May 2021 Connectathon

May 2021 Connectathon Proposals Due

Mar 23, 2021

COMPLETETest initial $match concepts within 2021-05 Cross Organization Application Access track

Track orientation session

May 4-May 14, 2021

Participate in event

May 17-19, 2021

July 2021 CMS Connectathon

Participate in eventJuly 21, 2021
COMPLETEAdditional discussion of $match attributes and level of verification within FAST Security track

Sept 2021 Connectathon

Sept 2021 Connectathon Proposals DueJuly 21, 2021

Previously-used Cross-Org Application Access track udpated for Sept Connectathon

  • Added preliminary business rules
  • $match that requires certain inputs and expects certain outputs, varying based on B2B or B2C use cases identified as highest priorities
Track orientation sessionLate Aug/ early Sept 2021

8/16, 8/30 and 9/13 track prep scheduled; recordings available
Participate in eventSept 13-15, 2021