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electronic Long-Term Services and Supports (eLTSS)


The electronic Long-Term Services & Supports (eLTSS) Initiative is an ONC-CMS partnership that will focus on identifying and harmonizing electronic standards that can enable the creation, exchange and re-use of interoperable service plans for use by health care and community-based long-term services and supports providers, payers and the individuals they serve. These plans can help to improve the coordination of health and social services that support an individual’s mental and physical health.

This initiative is driven by the requirements of the CMS Testing Experience and Functional Tools (TEFT) in community-based long-term services and supports (CB-LTSS) Planning and Demonstration Grant Program created in the Affordable Care Act (ACA). 





eLTSS Initiative Artifacts and Deliverables

Final Artifacts
Final eLTSS Dataset & Summary

The final eLTSS Dataset is the culminating deliverable of the eLTSS Initiative which is comprised of core and non-core data elements. This dataset was developed and vetted through two rounds of piloting, harmoniation and disposition activities.

The Summary includes a high-level overview of the creation of the eLTSS Dataset, methodology, and vision for dataset integration.

eLTSS Executive Summary

The Executive Summary is a high-level overview of the eLTSS initiative, covering aspects from inception, to execution of piloting and harmonization activities.

eLTSS Initiative Summary

The eLTSS Initiative Summary is a detailed review of the eLTSS initiative, describing all aspects from inception, to execution of piloting and harmonization activities.

eLTSS BriefingA synopsis of the technical background of this initiative's work including challenges, pilot methodology and vision for next steps with an SDO.
eLTSS Round 1 Published DatasetThis is the final Harmonized Dataset that was consented by the eLTSS Initiative Community during Round 1 of piloting. Definitions for each data element is included.
eLTSS Project Charter

The document describes the overall eLTSS project charter, including the challenge statement, scope, deliverables and timelines.

eLTSS Use Case

A use case is a methodology used in system analysis to identify, clarify, and organize system requirements. The eLTSS Use Case is developed by community input framed by the Project Charter content.

eLTSS GlossaryA community-driven glossary that was actively developed during Round 1 of eLTSS. Final updates were made August 2015.

eLTSS Initiative Launch

Meeting recording

Initiative Overview and Call for Participation


Concert Series Presentations

Organizations presented on an existing project or initiative related to the eLTSS scope of work and/or helped to inform the eLTSS target outcomes and deliverables .

Round 1 Pilot Plan PresentationsPresentations detailing pilot goals and intentions, standards under consideration, ecosystem and how success would be defined by each pilot.
Round 2 Pilot Plan PresentationsPresentations describing the methodology of how each pilot tested and validated the round 1 eLTSS Published Dataset.
Round 2 Final Pilot Report Out PresentationsPresentations explaining each pilot's accomplishments, lessons learned and ideas for a path forward.

eLTSS: A Project in Review

Presentation Materials


  • Welcome and Reminders
  • Opening Remarks ONC and CMS
  • Published eLTSS Dataset
  • Grantee Review
    • Lessons Learned
    • Path Forward/Next Steps
  • Updates from Georgia
  • Closing Remarks


Federal Partner Webinar

These meetings are designed to inform and educate Federal Partners of the eLTSS Initiative progess, promote discussion of LTSS electronic capture and exchange and identify collaboative opportunities.



Initiative Contacts

Initiative CoordinatorEvelyn Gallegoevelyn.gallego@emiadvisors.net
ONC LTPAC LeadershipElizabeth Palena HallElizabeth.PalenaHall@hhs.gov
ONC LeadershipMera Choimera.choi@hhs.gov
ONC LeadershipCaroline Coycaroline.coy@hhs.gov
CMS LeadershipKerry Lidakerry.lida@cms.hhs.gov
Project ManagerLynette Elliottlynette.elliott@esacinc.com
Use Case and Functional RequirementsBecky Angelesbecky.angeles@esacinc.com
Pilots ManagementJamie Parkerjamie.parker@esacinc.com
Pilots Support TeamKatiya ShellKatiya.Shell@esacinc.com
Pilots Support TeamHolly StoneHolly.Stone@esacinc.com
Pilots Support TeamNik Reinekenikolas.reineke@esacinc.com


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