Radiology Appropriateness of Use

The goal of the pilot is to provide ordering physicians Point of Order access to Appropriate Use Criteria for Imaging orders. Appropriate Use Criteria provides feedback as to the appropriateness score for an imaging order. Each imaging order is assigned a unique decision support identifier and appropriateness score and users are presented feedback in the form a score and suggested alternate exams. This decision support data is recorded within the EHR. This data and activity is also recorded in the CDS service for Quality Measurement.

The appropriateness score, structured reason for exam and associated imaging order can be used to track impact of AUC on care, identify overall ordering patterns and be incorporated into Clinical Quality Measures. The Pilot will also demonstrate how this data can be used in such a report and example eCQM.

The pilot will also demonstrate how the data generated (appropriateness score, physician behavior etc) during a service-based evaluation can be incorporated into Clinical Quality Measures through generation of reports from both the EHR and cloud based service. In the case of an EHR, appropriateness data will be incorporated into an example CQM calculation and physician activity reports. In the case of a cloud based service, the pilot will demonstrate how data from multiple health care providers accessing the service can be aggregated, in effect demonstrating a registry.

During the pilot, user interaction within CPOE during an imaging order, selection of exam and structured indication and other data elements (eg Service Requestor), will generate a query to a cloud based DSS containing National Standard Appropriate Use Criteria published by the American College of Radiology. The pilot will demonstrate how an existing integration model deployed in the market can be adapted to the CQF. The pilot scope will include an existing EHR vendor.

The pilot summary is below. Please contact with any questions.The results of the phase III pilot survey is also included below.


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