Blog from August, 2020

We discussed the OHIP needs for possibly using 360X for SDOH purposes, and specifically food needs for patients, which is an increased concern during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will invite more participants in these calls to continue gathering information on how to best approach this. Basic 360X is not necessarily a good fit for this area.

We reviewed the data elements collected by Partners Healthcare for transfers from SNF to ED. While not all elements are applicable all the time, together they provide a comprehensive snapshot that helps the ED to quickly assess the needs of the patient.

Based on these data elements, we can try to map them to existing C-CDA sections and work on building the content for the initial transaction.

Volunteers to take up this task, as well as visualizing the workflow transitions, are welcome!

Reviewed the ONC Tech Forum - it was a worthwhile experience. We got several questions on SDoH and 360X.

New 360X logo has been put on the Wiki.

Reviewed updated steps for SNF to Acute care transfers from the August 24 call. Open questions about transfer/referral identifiers:

  • Transfer to ED is an identifiable event in the SNF system, so the system will assign the required referral ID.
  • When the patient is discharged from ED back to SNF, the identifier is used to close the loop.
  • If the patient is admitted to the hospital (post-ED), then the discharge is to follow the 360XL steps of request/accept/confirm/transfer
    • if the patient is not going to the originating SNF, then a new referral id will be created. At some point a notification to the originating SNF may have been sent with the originating referral id
    • if the patient is going back to the originating SNF, ideally, we want to use the originating referral ID.
      • Is this possible? It is not clear the ED/Hospital systems would have the original transfer information at this point. Something to check.

Reviewed the data elements for initial transfer to ED from Partners Healthcare.

  • Data is thorough, and extremely useful
  • Many SNF system have the data is some form
  • We will call for volunteers to find matches to C-CDA sections and entries.