Thank you for your interest in hybrid measure reporting. Hospitals can no longer participate in the 2018 voluntary reporting but may be able to participate in future reporting of the measure if made available by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The Hybrid Measures Issue Tracker is used to track issues related to hybrid measures used in CMS quality reporting programs including technical questions on implementation (e.g., the specifications, logic, value sets, QRDA).

Please submit non-technical questions about the hybrid HWR measure methodology, such as, previous measure testing and development, the cohort inclusions, measure exclusions, approach to risk adjustment, assessment of the outcome, the planned readmission algorithm, and policy questions to

Reminders: The Hybrid Hospital-Wide Readmission measure is NOT an electronic clinical quality measure (eCQM). Do not include any Protected Health Information(PHI) in JIRA.

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