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Request for Clarification: Source Column


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      The PACIO (Post-Acute Care Interoperability) Project, established February 2019, is a collaborative effort between industry, government, and other stakeholders, with the goal of establishing a framework for the development of FHIR implementation guides to facilitate health information exchange.

      What is the significance of the “source” column? Specifically, what does “Proposed for USCDI+ Quality” mean? It would seem that all of the data elements on the proposed USCDI+ Quality Data Element List are “Proposed for USCDI+ Quality." In addition, several data elements in the Advance Directive data class on the current table are attributed to PACIO (Quality of Life Priorities and Goals, Advance Directive Provenance, Advance Directive Quality of Life Priorities and Goals, Autopsy Report, Advance Directive Participants, and Organ Donor), while others are not (Personal Advance Care Plan, Advance Directive Observation, Care Experience Preference, Living Will, and Durable Medical Power of Attorney). All of these data elements appear to be derived from the PACIO Advance Directive Interoperability FHIR implementation guide. Therefore, the PACIO community requests consistent reference to PACIO in the source column for all of these items. Presumably, two data additional data elements under the Goals data class, Functional Ability and Goals: Self-care and Functional Ability and Goals: Mobility, seem to have been derived from the PACIO Personal Functioning and Engagement FHIR implementation guide. If this is the case, please update the source column for these data elements to reflect PACIO.

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