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2020 QRDA 1 telehealth encounters


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      Please let us know where we can get more info on attached xls List of Telehealth Services  used for  Guidance for Representing Telehealth Encounters in QRDA I Format for 2020 eCQMs
      We have downloaded it from following link-
      Questions :
      1. There are almost 250 CPT/HCPC codes in the list . Are all the codes included in the list are eligible for ' Telehealth Services' ?
      2.What are Telehealth Service Modifiers which can be used for each codes?
      3.For eCQMs NOT eligible for telehealth encounters for example CMS22v8 if with encounter code 99213 modifier 95 is sent , then will it qualify for the denominator considering all other conditions are fulfilled.
      4.Is there any impact of telehealth encounters on QRDA 3 calculation logic?

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