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Need help with XSL file of QRDA 1 - 2017 Year


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    • NA. We are trying to implement C2 and C4 measure for QRDA 1 where we need to parse QRDA 1 file and need to calculate data
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    • See comments for where to find the schema files for QRDA I

        • I may be wrong regarding selected project and type. However, I search for all possible project and issue type and found this one suitable for such discussion.

      We are in implementation phase of C2 and C4 measure where we need to import QRDA 1 file to calculate QRDA 3 reports.

      I visited below site and found Schematrons and Sample files for QRDA 1.


      Go to > 2017 CMS QRDA I Schematrons and Sample Files for Hospital Quality Reporting (Updated July 2017)

      I started reading files but not able to find XSD file which is necessary for XML parsing. However, I found Schematron for which I started doing research but still need further help regarding where I can get XSD file for QRDA 1 or how Schematron can be used instead of XSD file.

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