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What is the intended use of substanceAdministration/effectiveTime in the context of Discharge Medication


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    • If we receive a QRDA-I file that contains Discharge Medications in which the effectiveTime does not match the authorTime, deserializing that file into a QDM model would seemingly lose that separate effectiveTime data.
    • Medisolv

      The Discharge Medication template contains a substanceAdministration, which is a Medication Activity, whichrequires an effectiveTime. However, the QDM datatype 'Medication, Discharge' does not have effective/relevant timing properties, only author time.

      What value is intended to be used for the effectiveTime @value / attribute of the substanceAdministration of a Discharge Medication?

      Cypress test decks and the example from the QRDA 2023 specification appear to use the authorDatetime.

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