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Medication Order repeatNumber clarification


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    • CMS0156v11

      Can you clarify what repeatNumber means? Our interpretation is that repeatNumber = QDM refills + 1, but Cypress seems to interpret it as repeatNumber = QDM refills.

      Example patient is "14 1 GP Geriatric" for CMS-156v11.


      In the implementation guide, Medication Order conforms to Planned Medication Activity, where it says:

      "In a Planned Medication Activity, repeatNumber defines the number of allowed administrations. For example, a repeatNumber of "3" means that the substance can be administered up to 3 times."

      To us, this is saying the repeatNumber should be the total number of occurrences (refills + 1).


      Another argument we have is that Medication Order contains Medication Supply Request, which also has a repeatNumber (although Cypress does not populate the repeatNumber here), which conforms to Planned Supply, where it says:

      "In a Planned Supply, repeatNumber indicates the number of times the supply event can occur. For example, if a medication is filled at a pharmacy and the prescription may be refilled 3 more times, the supply RepeatNumber equals 4."

      This confirms our interpretation.


      Can you clarify how repeatNumber should be interpreted?

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