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CMS submission for Lab INR in VTE1 & VTE2


    • All records submitted to CMS 2022 reporting period that should be in the numerator for VTE1 & VTE2 that have INR > 3 and the date/time component also passing.
    • Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative
    • Jeff Gremban
    • 920-562-2775

      CMS doesn't score VTE1 & VTE2 in the Numerator when the algorithm and Cypress show that there is an "Encounter With Low Risk for VTE or Anticoagulant Administered" and the 
      ["Laboratory Test, Performed": "INR"] INRLabTest
      where INRLabTest.result > 3.0
      and the QRDA also satisfies the time component:
      such that LowRiskForVTE.LowRiskDatetime during VTE."FromDayOfStartOfHospitalizationToDayAfterAdmission" ( QualifyingEncounter )
      CMS is scoring these records in the Denominator when it should be in the Numerator.  I attempted to attach a qrda to this and I get "The attachment you attempted to upload is not allowed. Please contact your JIRA administrator."  I attached some screenshots of the XML for the encounter and Lab Test instead.

        1. Encounter 1.png
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          Encounter 2.png
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        3. Lab Test INR.png
          Lab Test INR.png
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