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Confirmation regarding HWR & HWM submissions


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      Below is the context that we received from CMS QualityNet :


      CMS has now opened voluntary reporting for Hybrid Hospital-Wide Readmission (HWR) measure for the fiscal year 2024 and from FY2025 this measure is required to be submitted mandatory.

      CMS has updated the HQR System to accept Quality Reporting Document Architecture (QRDA) Category I test and production files that use the 2021 reporting period requirements. The requirements are located on the eCQI Resource Center.

      The measures that needs to be reported are:

      1. Hybrid Hospital-Wide (All-Condition, All-Procedure) Risk-Standardized Mortality Measure (HWM)
      2. Hybrid Hospital-Wide Readmission (HWR) Measure with Claims and Electronic Health Record Data


      Our query is : does this include CMS 844 & 529 measure? and any more insights that would be helpful


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