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      Deb Hall
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      Cypress v2.4.0
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      Dupe of [CYPRESS-218]
    • 2015 Reporting Period EH eCQMs:
      CMS105v1/NQF439, CMS72v1/NQF0438, CMS91v1/NQF0437


      When testing NQF 0437, 0438, and 0439 in Cypress v. 2.4, the QRDA 1 test fails because it is expecting three encounters for some patients; the error message states, "Expected to find 3 entries with templateId 2.16.840.1.113883."

      These patients (e.g. B, STROKE_ADULT) have an ED encounter in January, then an ED encounter that converts into an inpatient visit in April. We include both April encounters in the QRDA 1 since they are pertinent to the calculation per scoop and filter, but the test will only pass if the ED encounter from January is included.

      No other items occur during this January encounter and it is clearly a separate hospitalization as defined in CYPRESS-38. Since it is not, nor is it related to, an Inpatient Encounter, we conclude that this hospitalization would not be included in the Initial Patient Population and therefore should not be required in the QRDA 1.

      Is there a reason why the separate ED Encounter is required in the QRDA 1? Thank you very much.




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