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CMS161v11 - codes missing in QRDA Cat 1 zip


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    • CMS0161v11
    • 7.0.2
    • Bug/Issue

      While doing 2023 measures testing for CMS161v11 , CMS2v12, we have noted that  some codes exist in patient view > patient details screen but the codes doesn't exist in the downloaded QRDA Category 1 xml file.

      Example :

      MRN:  638ca1e999e1ed32fdc04311 Cypress

      Name: Brandon Stewart

         QDM::Diagnosis section exists in the patient view page but not in the  QRDA Cat 1 xml file.

      attaching the screen shot of application and  QRDA Cat 1 xml.  Highlighted codes in the screenshots are missing in the xml.

      Note: This issue may exists in other measures of 2023 bundle too.

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