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Unit matching for C1/C3 tests of hybrid measures does not escape UCUM annotations


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      In Cypress 7.0.2 with RY 2023 test deck, the master patients for CMS529 and CMS844 contain units that differ from the recommended "units" in the 2023 CMS QRDA HQR Implementation Guide. 

      We're seeing that heart rate provided as /min, Oxygen saturation provided as %, and respiratory rate provided as /min. The implementation guide recommends that these values be reported with units {Beats}/min, %{Oxygen}, and {Breaths}/min.

      When reexporting the processed files, our system determines that these units are equivalent since the braces are essentially unitless. When we reexport the file with the recommended units, we run into the attached errors due to a unit mismatch. When evaluating unit parity, we would recommend a future Cypress update where anything in braces representing a UCUM annotation be escaped and ignored.

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