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CQM129v11 - PSA score of 0 not qualifying for denominator


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      This issue was originally reported for CMS129v8 / Cypress 4.0.4 but is happening again for CMS129v11 / Cypress I have added a new QRDA I file. 

      Previously reported issue (https://oncprojectracking.healthit.gov/support/browse/CYPRESS-1961) that is happening again:


      For the denominator statement "Most Recent PSA Test Result is Low", the validator is excluding patients from the denominator if the result is 0, although it does accept 0 as the result for the "Most Recent Gleason Score is Low".

      Attached is a sample patient from the test deck with a PSA result of 0 and the patient only qualifies as IPP.  Setting the PSA result to 1 will allow the patient to qualify for the denominator.  Setting the Gleason result to 0 will still allow the patient to qualify.

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