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CVU cannot validate Multiple NPI/TIN Combinations


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      As discussed with dczulada on Cypress Tech Talk held on 1/11/2022, a potential enhancement to be done if CVU can validate Multiple NPI/TIN Combinations for CPC/PCF. 

      Currently CVU only validates one NPI/TIN combination at a time. 

      If a user tries to add several NPI's comma separated it throws the below error and the NPI field does NOT throw a green check-mark, even though the right NPI (s) are added. 

      Also, there can be a scenario where there are 2 or more TINs as well - like a practice getting acquired by another practice mid-year, so a practice would like to use the 1st TIN/NPI combination and the 2nd TIN/NPI combination on the QRDA3 file for submission. 



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