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Cypress 2.4 is using outdated root IDs NQF0338 CMS26 in the QRDA III file.


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      Fixed in Cypress 2.4.1
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      The QRDA III file that we upload to Cypress 2.4 is creating errors for missing IDs for measure NQF0338 CMS26

      The error states:
      “Could not find entry for measure 8A4D92B2-37BF-6F1B-0137-CCD612A40D0E with the following population ids

      {"IPP"=>"9D87B158-4A9F-46C8-B49C-8AA49084372D", "DENOM"=>"34CCB5C0-82C7-4B60-8492-255CAD81D868", "NUMER"=>"A61B4390-F385-4BF1-90CB-09E149170D17", "DENEX"=>"D65B0EAA-7A1F-4904-915D-198120B11FE9"}

      It appears that the error is occurring due to a mismatch in the IDs for numerator, denominator, and IPP. We are using the April 2013 specifications, while Cypress 2.4 appears to be using the IDs for numerator, denominator, and IPP from the December 2012 specifications. We noticed that although there has been no change in the eMeasure version number for this measure, the IDs for numerator, denominator, and IPP have been updated in the April version.

      Can you confirm that the error generated by Cypress is due to the outdated IDs for numerator, denominator, and IPP.
      In addition, can you confirm that this will prevent CCHIT certification for this measure.
      Many thanks!!




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