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Cypress 6.2.0 - CCDE validator evaluates against case-sensitive version specific ID


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      I believe validation on CMS_0086 was introduced with Cypress 6.2.0 in core_clinical_data_element_validator.rb

      verify_only_ccde_measures will error if the case of the document ID does not match the hqmf_id. We tested three documents where the only difference between passing and failing C3 for CMS529 was changing the casing of the version-specific ID.

      • Changing 2c928085-7198-38ee-0171-9d44015105a3 with 2C928085-7198-38EE-0171-9D44015105A3

      Can the validator be updated to be case-insensitive when validating verify_only_ccde_measures? On the extreme case, we also believe that if version-specific ID needs to be case-sensitive, then the Cypress measure parser should respect and place into hqmf_set_id the version-specific ID specified in the CMS-released specification.

      From the cql:hqmf document on eCQI for CMS529, the version-specific ID is lower case.

      <id root="2c928085-7198-38ee-0171-9d44015105a3"/>

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