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Missing UTC Offset Causes Incorrect Outcome Calculation



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    • 6.0.1
    • CMS136v9/NQFna


      This issue is related to CYPRESS-1687 but was not resolved with the fix for the EH/CAH eCQMs.

      The initial population for population 2 of CMS 136 includes the following statement:

      Has ADHD Cumulative Medication Duration Greater Than or Equal to 210 Days

      • "Cumulative Medication Duration"("ADHD Medications Taken within 300 Days after First ADHD Medication Dispensed")>= 210

      An example gold standard patient has an active ADHD medication with the following relevant period:
      Time Elements:
      Relevant Period Start: 2021-02-23T08:00:00.000Z
      Relevant Period End: 2021-09-21T08:00:00.000Z
      This creates a CMD of exactly 210. However, because these documents lack a UTC offset, when imported they are translated to local time, which is not UTC. Because daylight savings is on 3/14/2021 the relevant period start and the relevant period end have different offsets, and as such the calculation ends up being 1 hour short of 210 days, causing the following error messages:

      Calculated value (0) for DENEX (7705EDA2-8A0B-4E3F-A83B-483B5F9BD87A) does not match expected value (1)  
      Calculated value (0) for DENOM (0F80BF70-B407-4E09-9803-3AAB15CA9E14) does not match expected value (1)  
      Calculated value (0) for IPP (6FFE774B-CFA8-481E-B201-1CFC738E4685) does not match expected value (1)

      I'm aware that there are limitations which prevent inclusion of timezone offsets in the QRDA I documents provided by Cypress, but since CYPRESS-1687 is now closed, can you confirm that the previous guidance "If calculation errors due to timezone shifting during a certification, have your ATL reach out to the Cypress team for guidance." still applies to this issue for CMS 136.




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