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Cypress 5.4.2 is ignoring the "Seconds" units during time comparisons CMS165


    • CMS165v8/NQFna
    • 5.4.2

      It appears that Cypress 5.4.2 is ignoring the "Seconds" units of the timestamp for the lowValue and highValue during time comparison calculations for the QRDA1 files. The sample QRDA1 file attached is for CMS165v8. In the body of the QRDA1 file is CPT 36831 (Vascular Access for Dialysis) with LowValue=20201231235900 and HighValue=20201231235900. According to the spec for CMS165v8 the relevantPeriod for vascular access must start before the end of the measurement period. Since the end of the measurement period is 12/31/2020 235959, and due to the lowValue cited above, I would expect Cypress to return Exclude=1 for this file, but instead it returns Exclude=0. So it appears that Cypress is ignoring the seconds portion of the timestamp when performing its calculation on the logic. My co-workers have cited similar instances of the seconds units being ignored by Cypress when testing QRDA1 files for CMS155 and CMS138.

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