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CMS68v10 procedure performed incomplete issue


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      Currently working on CMS68v10, we are trying to verify the C1 test in Cypress 6.0.0. We have a test case for a procedure performed of documentation of current medication, with the negation indicator for not done. We are currently getting the error of Missing or Duplicate Files: CMS68v10 - procedure, performed not complete for our test patient.


      After looking into this more thoroughly I noticed a few minor differences in Cypress' generated QRDA for patient C N Heart Adult. This patient has a procedure performed with the negation indicator just as we are trying to mimic and is supposed to count in the denominator exceptions bucket for CMS68v10. I tried to then set up the C1 test to mimic the data in the C N Heart Adult file and upload that file generated from Cypress for the patient to verify it would pass. The same exact error came back from doing so. 


      I am wondering if there is some sort of issue with the testing or verification of procedure performed logic or the negation logic that can be associated. I noted that intervention performed could potential have a similar issue related in this CQM, but I haven't specifically tested it. Any assistance with this will be greatly appreciated. 


      I am including the QRDA's with this forum thread. Harvey Alvarez is patient C N Heart Adult which again was generated by Cypress. Our patient QRDA is the 10222 file in which we are trying for the negation to medications documented.

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