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CMS-108/190 returning warning when submitting Z29 VTE for C1/C3 testing


    • CMS108v8/NQFna, CMS190v8/NQFna
    • Cypress v6.0.0

      When submitting a patient generated from template Z29 VTE for C1/C3 testing it returns a warning message:

      "Interval with nullFlavor low time and nullFlavor high time. Located in element with QRDA type: DeviceApplied and id:, 5f4585090dd67303329745f9(extension)"

      This appears to be caused by a Device, Applied with only an Author DateTime and no high/low times or negation reasons which is not needed for determining the patient's measure status result. 

      Attached is the affected VTE-2 Test Deck (40_Terri_Perez) and corresponding Get Known Good Result (42_Terri_Perez) XMLs of the generated patients.

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