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CMS 145 Denominator Issue


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    • Cypvress v4.0.3
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      We are testing CMS 145 QRDA I files in the Cypress Validation Utility and are getting a mismatch on some of our denominator outcomes. Based on the stratum 2 denominator criteria of "Qualifying CAD Encounter and Prior MI", an MI diagnosis ending on the same day of the encounter should not qualify the encounter for the denominator of stratum 2. The attached file has a diagnosis that ends during the encounter, but is still qualifying for the denominator in CVU when it should only be falling in the IPP. 


      We are also seeing the same mismatch in bonnie.


      Qualifying CAD Encounter and Prior MI

      • "Qualifying CAD Encounter" EncounterWithCADProxy
        with ["Diagnosis": "Myocardial Infarction"] MyocardialInfarction
        such that MyocardialInfarction.prevalencePeriod ends 3 years or less before day of start of EncounterWithCADProxy.relevantPeriod

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