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CMS 129v8 Ipp counts coming more than expected in cypress


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    • cypress 4.0.4

      We are in the process of certification with Drummond for some measures. We had a question regarding CMS 129v8. For CMS129v8 Cypress 4.0.4 is expecting IPOP as 9 for 2019 measurement period but our calculation is coming up as 18. For CMS129, IPP criteria is Age + Prostate Cancer. Now, Prostate Cancer valueset codes from CMS129v8 are overlapping with CMS157v7 and CMS645v2 "Cancer" and "Prostate Cancer" criteria respectively. Hence for CMS129, we are seeing more counts of patient meeting IPP criteria on our end.

      Please suggest what should we do here to not to fail the measure on Cypress for the QRDA 3 certification.

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