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C1 Fail because of sequence of entry tag "Physical Exam Performed (V4)"


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    • Blood pressure days remain unsorted for Cypress calculation, and therefore will cause calculation discrepancies deepening on the order of entries in QRDA. Cypress will calculate correctly if entries are sorted by date.
    • CMS165v8/NQF236
    • Cypress v5.1.0
    • Question

      Measure CMS165v8

      QRDA1 - C1 Fail with error
      "Calculated value (0) for NUMER (9306E83B-3C3B-4CDF-B3EA-F99AEFC55F87) does not match expected value (1)"

      When I put the complete entry tag for "Physical Exam Performed (V4)" it is passing else it is failing.

      Fail file Brett_Wilkins_Fail.xml

      Pass File Brett_Wilkins_passing_file.xml


      Original CYPRESS Deck: CMS165v8_5dcd6e2c63623905bce49c31.qrda(1).zip


      It didn't happen earlier


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