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Unable to upload QRDA1 and QRDA3 Files


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    • CYPRESS v5.0

      When uploading QRDA-1 files for C1+C3 Testing, getting below for C1

      Error message Go To in XML
      File failed import


      When uploading QRDA-3 files for C2+C3 Testing, getting below for C2

       C2 Execution: An internal error occurred


      Attaching screen shots


        1. application_logs-1566459652.zip
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        2. CMS72v8.xml
          53 kB
        3. CMS72v8.zip
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        4. QRDA 1 Error.PNG
          QRDA 1 Error.PNG
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        5. QRDA 3 Error.PNG
          QRDA 3 Error.PNG
          28 kB

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