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Cypress Validation Utility seems to be rounding down for DECIMAL in CMS 108


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      While testing QRDA 1 through the Cypress 4.03 Validation utility, the Result Observation (V3) template seems like it is rounding down the <value> tag down to the nearest integer, at least for CMS108 Numer evaluation. 

      I have attached two QRDA1 files:

      1) Meets CMS108 numerator because of a result of 4.0, 
      2) Does NOT because meet CMS 108 NUMER because of an INR result of 3.9, which we believe should be included, as the CQL specs dictate a greater than (>) 3.0 (decimal type) in the numerator requirement:

      From: VenousThromboembolismProphylaxis-7.4.000.xml

      <where localId="628" locator="366:5-366:33" xsi:type="Greater">
      <operand asType="t:Decimal" xsi:type="As">
      <operand localId="626" locator="366:11-366:27" path="result" scope="INRLabTest" xsi:type="Property"/>
      <asTypeSpecifier name="t:Decimal" xsi:type="NamedTypeSpecifier"/>
      <operand localId="627" locator="366:31-366:33" valueType="t:Decimal" value="3.0" xsi:type="Literal"/>

      I am using:

      -2018 Bundle for the 2019 Reporting Period
      -Hospital Quality Reporting for the Inpatient Quality Reporting Program
      -QRDA Cat I (R5)

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      Let us know if you need other information. Thanks!


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