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"C1 Execution: An internal error occurred" for "Substance, Administered" template


      In Cypress 4.0.2, I'm running into an issue with c1 sample testing for the "Substance, Administered" template. When testing the attached file with "Substance Administered" as a selected data criterion, we get a "C1 Execution: An internal error occurred" message. When I swap out the Substance, Administered" data criterion, the file passes.

      I've included the Production error message which pointed me to /lib/validators/attribute_extractor.rb where it seems to be failing to extract theĀ 'relevantPeriod' => 'cda:effectiveTime/cda:low from the template.

        1. 800890_Z28987_E27104_c1sample.xml
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          Alex Liu
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