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File failed import error for 2019 eCQMs


      When validating various 2019 reporting period eCQMs for CAT1 Export with Cypress 4.0.1, I am encountering a "File failed import" error message and this seems to be prevalent with all files regardless of measure or patient. I've attempted to diagnose the root cause using the schematron to no avail and the validation utility provides no additional information. Attached are the Cypress test deck xmls for CMS 104 and the export xmls.

      UPDATE 1: After additional investigation, we've found that it seems to have been caused by an id missing in the ACT element of Encounter, Performed but we believe that this should not be causing an error since this is no longer mandatory for the Reporting Year 2019 Version of QRDA (R5) despite being required for the previous version (R4).  The files provided by Cypress still have an id at that location so submitting our export xml files modified to have the id at that location will not generate the "File failed import" error. It's possible this might affect other templates as well. 

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