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What will be "Other Race" count In QRDA -3 files in case of "Other Race" and Multiple Race as Race input


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      I have couple of questions:

      1. We got guidance in this thread https://oncprojectracking.healthit.gov/support/browse/QRDA-730 that "In QRDA I, OtherRace shouldn't be used". However we have seen multiple instances where Cypress test decks have "Other Race" as input Race in the patient's imported QRDA-1 file.  Also Section 5.15.1 in https://ecqi.healthit.gov/system/files/eCQM-Logic-and-Guidance-2018-0504.pdf says "To report an individual patient with a single race category in QRDA Category I, place one of the five (5) OMB race category codes (1002-5, 2028-9, 2054-5, 2076-8, and 2106-3) into raceCode.". This does not state that place "Other Race" code in the patient's race code. Should the Cypress test decks need to be updated so that "Other Race" do not come as an input Race parameter in the patient's test files ?


      2.  If the answer to first question is that "Other Race" is indeed a valid input in Patient's Race field, what will be Cypress expectations in the following scenario:

      Import QRDA-1 data of 2 patients with the following information:

      Patient 1 input Race is “Other Race”.  

      Patient 2 has multiples Races with primary race as “Asian”  & stdRace as“American Indian”. As per QRDA -3 implementation guide Patient 2 Race should also be counted as “Other Race” .

      So while Exporting QRDA-3 with data for both patient1 and patient2, what will be Cypress expectations of the count of number patients in “Other Race” category.  Will it be 1 or should it be 2 ?


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