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Cypress 4.0.1 Appears to Not Test Pairing of Intervention, Not Ordered and Negation Rationale


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      Cypress Version: 4.0.1

      Measure: CMS22v7

      Test: C1+C3 Sample


      Reproduction Steps: When C1+C3 Sample testing Intervention, Not Ordered for CMS22v7, we ran the following codes through Cypress (see attached photo): 183856001 and negation rationale 105480006. The measure passed, however, when looking at our QRDA, we noticed a bug where both of these codes are present, but are not specifically associated with each other anywhere in the file.

      Our hypothesis is that Cypress 4.0.1 is validating the presence of the codes it is testing in valid QRDA format, but not testing that the negation rationale and the snomed code are correctly paired. We found it in this specific instance, but it may be affecting other measures.

      Screenshot of Cypress test set up and sample QRDA file attached.

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